coming soon 2019

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Listening is easy. Ensuring our thoughts are heard requires more work.  When we communicate, more often then not we are trying to convince someone to do something, make a decision, or agree with our way of thinking.  But how do we find our voice and make sure we are being heard? 

Through real-world examples and common sense examples “Being Heard” offers readers simple solutions to find and own their voice and the courage and confidence to express themselves even in the most difficult of times.

In this book you will:

  • Find tools to identify and incorporate new words into your vocabulary and day to day communication

  • Identify obstacles and barriers that inhibit your ability to be heard and hear the words of others.

  • Learn new methods for becoming a better listener to ensure that you are always heard.

  • Develop and understanding of why you may not be heard and what you should do when this occurs.