-have you Herd?-

I have delivered speeches that have enlightened and entertained audiences throughout the country. Covering an array of topics designed to motivate my audiences to own their voice, ask for and receive what they want and separate from the perils of group think, I am the perfect speaker for your upcoming event or conference. Your audience will leave inspired, motivated ready to take the world by storm. I can speak on the following topics:

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Moving beyond the herd

In life we often find ourselves going with the flow even when we don't agree.  But what happens when we make the decision to break from the herd and march to a beat of our own drum.  How do we find the confidence to challenge the establishment and set a course that takes us out of our comfort zone, breaks down barriers and challenges "the establishment". In a poignant yet humorous conversation, Denise will explore methods of breaking free from the herd or mob mentality and charting a course to pursue the path that you dream of.

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Seven ‘Up’ Theory

In order to get what you want sometimes you have to just come right out and ask. But sometimes finding the words is so difficult. Denise has created seven easy steps designed to empower audiences to ask for and receive what they want. Her seven ‘up’ theory is rooted in good old-fashioned common sense that will remind your audience of how easy it is to ask for what they want when they remained focused on the ‘Up’.

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Mentor Mentee Model

The mentor – mentee – model relationship is critical for success in the workplace. As our careers evolve we find ourselves operating within each role and the relationships with those we interact with are looking to us to bring our best selves to the relationship. Mentor – Mentee Model provides a in-depth look into the three roles and provides tools for understanding and managing each.