-Are you ready to let the world hear your voice?-

When you find your voice you have the ability to transform how the world hears you and how you hear the world. Denise will help you find the confidence and the words to transform yourself and influence those around you.

Denise will help you tap into your inner voice so that you can become the influential person you aspire to be and so that people respect your opinions, trust your judgment, and listen for your voice above all others.

Denise is the president of Herd Strategies, an award-winning marketing and public relations firm focused on connecting audiences to quality of life issues.  She also effectively guides entrepreneurs through all phases of business of business ownership.

She is a highly sought public speaker, workshop presenter and conference facilitator. Learn more about Denise and prepare to find your voice and be heard.

Denise was fabulous to work with and our audience was impressed with her mannerism and charisma. She was responsive to emails, on time to the event, and even engaged with other speakers and audience after the event. I would love to have her back in the future.
— Dani Aleska, Success Specialist- Sales Force